More Music, Less Talk, More Sitting!

I couldn't resist a play on words (or a couple) for this one!

One of my record stools in the studio of Q102! When I first came up the idea for these stools and made my first protoype, I never could have imagined that they would make their way into the studio of Q102! Thanks to Dave Harrington for getting in touch and for uploading his picture to Q102's facebook page also.  

More sitting, less standing! Check out the link below 

These stools are sturdier than you'd initially think. Whenever I am at markets/fairs people don't believe me that they are strong enough to take the weight of someone sitting on them - so I always tell them to take a test drive! They are made using very firm upholstery foam, so as well as being solid they are also very comfortable. Please get in touch for more info. They would look great in a home bar or home studio also! :) 

Record Stool Q102 Studio