Upcycled Vodka Bottle Soap Dispenser

Adding all the finishing touches to our DIY bathroom on a budget - and here is one that anyone can do. The only tricky part was finding a chrome dispenser top with the straw long enough to reach all the soap at the end of the bottle! 

Also sitting on top of an old upcycled Canada Dry crate that I've made into a shelf to hold all the bathroom essentials - including an awesome vintage handheld mirror I found at a local flea market. The little jars I picked up in Sostrene Greene for a couple of euro. Renovation doesn't have to be expensive, you just need to get creative with it. See what you have lying around that could be given a new purpose - you might be surprised with what you come up with! 

Upcycled Bottle Soap Dispenser 1

Upcycled Bottle Soap Dispenser 2