Garden Upcycle

Garden upcycle! Not finished yet, but getting there. Who'd have thought such a small garden would require such a large amount of work! Taking down the shed has given a bit of space back but containing the large fig tree which had grown beside it, into and under it was a bit of a challenge!

Our house had previously been rented for about 12 years before we bought it, and the tenants had a make shift compost pile beside the shed - which I think is how this fig tree grew to be so massive! This meant that the soil level was much higher than the existing flowerbed and we had to get creative with a solution as losing the fig tree was not an option. Wasn't as simple as buying a pot to fit, so some bedding edging, wire mesh and small posts were the winner here. I was able to build a flexible bespoke house for my tree for €20!

We plan on removing the tiles, raising the existing flowerbed slightly and building a small deck down the back - this is where the sun hits in the evening and will be the perfect spot for a lovely glass of vino on a sunny evening - bliss. 

We've got lots more to do, but it's a start :) 

Garden Upcycle 1

Garden Upcycle 2