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Decoupage Butterfly Chair

I had done a similar chair before in a Superhero theme, turned out great and sold very early on at the first market it went to! So I had to do one for the girls, or the boys too if they like butterflies, hey we're inclusive here! :)

Decoupage is a process of layering a pva/water mix and usually napkins to stick the image to the furniture/bottle/plant pot - pretty much anything! That is why I love it, its a simple way to give something a new lease of life - and for the price of a napkin, can't get much cheaper than that! Now I have simplified the process, and it actually takes some time, patience and practice of course to get the best results.

This is the perfect statement, study, occasional or dressing table chair. Very unique, sure to make a statement. Priced at €70 and available for collection - local delivery may be possible for a small fee. Please get in touch for more details.

Decoupage Butterfly Chair 1

Decoupage Butterfly Chair 2

Decoupage Butterfly Chair 3

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Handmade Fairy Houses

Magical handmade fairy houses now at The Makery.

Each little house is unique and upcycled from an old jar into something really special. Handcrafted using polymar clay and a lot of imagination, just waiting for your fairy to move in  
You can even pop a candle in too, looks fab lit up, for kids of all ages!

Can be made in all shapes, sizes and colours please get in touch for more details.

Fairy House 1


Fairyhouse 2


Fairy House 3



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Pallets, Pallet, Pallets!

I  pallets! Just a couple of examples of many many uses for them. Pallet planter and kitchen herb garden in my back garden. Pallets are such a versatile material to work with, although can be a bit tricky to take apart if you don't know how! With so many of them often left lying around just asking to be upcycled, they are very easy to get your hands on cheaply or usually for free (get yourself down to the fruit markets in town there's always loads going spare!) 

With a little bit of love, even the most ordinary and boring can become fabulous! 

Pallet Planter 1

Pallet Planter 2


Pallet Planter 3

Pallet Planter 4



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T-shirts Re-imagined

Mr Makery has quite a T-shirt collection, when they get worn to death...then I step in!
I LOVE this upcycle. Very cool Electric Picnic t-shirt from 2010 with all the artists on the back and a very striking and colourful stag's head image on the front. I wanted to make something using both sides, so this is what I came up with! A cool way to reuse something that you just can't say goodbye to. If have something you'd like me to upcycle get in touch.

Upcycled T-Shirt 1

Upcycled T-Shirt 2


Upcycled T-Shirt 3

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